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Feb 10 2012

like vs. love

When TFA made me an offer, it was the Mississippi Delta and secondary math.  That was my placement.  And, because I was so desperate to do TFA, I accepted math as my placement.  Honestly, I’ve been trying to make peace with that placement ever since. I am completely neutral about math.  I really don’t care…

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Feb 08 2011


Well, I officially passed the Praxis II, aka Math Death Test!!  Granted, my score was about 68%, but it counts in Mississippi!  Good enough for me!! I had been saving my gigantic stack of flashcards I made in preparation for the test, and it was SO nice to be able to throw those away! I…

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Jan 18 2011

quite a relief, actually.

I signed up to take my Praxis I, and I’m taking it this Thursday.  I looked at the information given on the Praxis website, and apparently this test is not challenging.  Apparently it’s kind of like the SAT I, where it’s just general reading, writing, and math.  It’s a 4-hour computerized test, and fortunately I…

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Jan 16 2011

Praxis II = death.

I took my Praxis II yesterday, and it was a bit of a shock.  Like waking up and realizing that all of my furniture was on the ceiling.  AUGH!  See, all this math is already atrophying my ability to make up similes!  I’m losing my English major-ness! Anyway, I’ve been studying my little brains out since…

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Jan 15 2011

hello, world!

Welcome to my enthralling blog! I’m a 2011 CM who’s assigned to teach secondary math in the Mississippi Delta, and I’ve spent SO many hours poring over these blogs — they helped so much with my decision to apply to TFA.  So I want to document my entire TFA experience as honestly as I possibly…

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