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Oct 14 2012


School is still going unnaturally well, and I’m almost afraid to write about it for fear of jinxing it. I’m thinking a lot about next year. I want to keep teaching, but not here. Though TFA has disappointed/disgusted me in many ways, it has made me very employable. I have a nice little resume built…

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Apr 10 2012

home stretch

Usually when I go for a stretch of not writing on this blog, it’s because I have either not enough to say or too much to say. At this point, I’m not sure if I have nothing to say or everything to say, so I’ll try to fall somewhere in the middle. We have 31…

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Mar 13 2012

burnout cycle

One of these days, when I’m feeling clever and coherent, I’ll write a full-on post about the cycle of burnout teachers go through.  Beginning about 3 weeks before each break, it begins, culminating in the week before the break. At this point, I’m sick of teaching.  Sick of my kids, sick of taking attendance, sick…

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Feb 06 2012

it’s not just me, is it?

Does anyone else have 1 class that is disproportionately difficult/loud/obnoxious/poorly behaved?

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Apr 06 2011

B’s get degrees

Disclaimer: I love school.  Normally. This is probably a horrible thing for a future teacher to be feeling, but lately going to class has become EXCRUCIATING.  It’s just that what I’m learning in class, while amusing and possibly informative, has absolutely no bearing on my future life. In my science fiction class today we spent…

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Mar 14 2011


I was so productive today!  I: 1. went to work and earned the money to pay for fingerprints 2. drove down to Irvine to get my fingerprints taken 3. on the way back, got a money order at the grocery store AND 4. mailed my fingerprints in! Now it’s 5:27 pm and I don’t feel…

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I haven’t posted in awhile, and I want to make a point of not dropping off the face of the earth with this blog.  I thought about TFA almost every waking moment of every day for months, and I think I finally couldn’t think about it any more and decided to focus on my life…

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Feb 21 2011

who knew?

I finished all of the reading for the Pre-Institute Work last night, and in one of the last chapters, they suggested taking this test ( to discover your subconscious biases.  I took a few of the tests, and apparently I have biases!  I knew this, but it was kind of depressing to have a test…

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Feb 08 2011


Well, I officially passed the Praxis II, aka Math Death Test!!  Granted, my score was about 68%, but it counts in Mississippi!  Good enough for me!! I had been saving my gigantic stack of flashcards I made in preparation for the test, and it was SO nice to be able to throw those away! I…

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I’ve been reading so much lately, my eyes just might fall out.  Not really, but I have been reading a lot.  And when I read too many teaching books, I get kind of overwhelmed.  At this point, all of the opinions I have about how I’ll run my classroom are just that – opinions.  I…

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Okay, so all of you overwhelmingly recommended doing classroom observations, but do you all have any further advice on what specifically to look for? I’m super busy this semester, and the picture I had in my mind was me going in from 8-11 twice a week, every week for the rest of the semester.  As…

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Jan 25 2011

can it be June, please?

I started my last semester of college today, and I can already tell it’s going to be a long one.  The only thing standing between me and my BA in English is one lousy requirement: I need two more English electives.  Seems silly to stay on a whole extra semester for two electives, but that’s…

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