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Oct 23 2012

what works for me

These are just things that happen to work for me; I’m not sure if they work for everyone or if it’s just my school and my kids, but here they are nonetheless: giving the kids a break. I have 90-minute blocks. 90 minutes is a long time. About halfway through class and/or when their eyes…

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Oct 05 2012

read these. “Research by David Dinges at the University of Pennsylvania has found that adults need eight hours of sleep a night – we do not adapt. We just perform at a far lower level than if fully rested. And his research shows that if you have six hours of sleep a night for just…

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May 31 2012

∆ institute advice

Since I apparently still have PTSD about this past year and can’t quite reflect on it yet, I’ll offer some advice about Institute, and specifically about the ∆ Institute. Other ∆ people, please add to this list if you want! make a motivational playlist on your ipod, and listen to it on the way to…

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First of all, good luck you guys! Here’s a little piece of advice that I wish someone had given me: If at all possible, take a trip between Institute and the beginning of school.  Whether it’s going home or just getting away for a few days, do something to get some perspective and feel like…

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Feb 13 2012

keep moving forward

overheard today, in the middle of a discussion about scatter plots: “Do moles have cancer?  Do they affect your life?” I don’t know why I found that funny, but suddenly everything my students said was hilarious.  Sometimes when I’m tired, I get really cranky or really loopy — either one, not both.  Today I was…

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Feb 10 2012


I’m tired of picking up after my students and maintaining the sharpened-pencil supply. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Feb 04 2012

calling all consequences!

I need more ideas for individual consequences that aren’t disruptive, don’t disrupt the flow of the class, and, most importantly, WORK! What do you do that works?

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Dec 17 2011

exit ticket

I only do exit tickets when I’m feeling really ambitious (read: almost never), but if TFA asked me to write an exit ticket showing what I’ve learned so far, this is what it would look like: You will spend money on your kids. This is a very expensive job.  I’ve bought everything from Twizzlers to…

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Nov 13 2011

my advice

If I could go back and give my pre-TFA self some advice, this is what it would be: 1. read as many teaching books as you can get your hands on 2. observe as many classrooms as you can, just to get the feel for what day-to-day life is like in the classroom 3. see…

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