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Apr 23 2012

TFA’s myth of meritocracy

One of the biggest things TFA claims to fight against is the myth of meritocracy in the U.S.: the belief that anyone can be successful/climb the proverbial ladder if they only work hard enough, and that those who are not successful must be lazy and unmotivated.  This is a classist, very dangerous view, and TFA…

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At Institute last summer, during one of our Diversity & Inclusiveness sessions, we discussed the concept of there being one type of “good student.”  We were challenged to expand our definition of what a “good student” is.  The conclusion we were supposed to come to was that good students come in all different personalities, and…

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Mar 26 2012


I’d say the single most overwhelming part of my job is being a surrogate parent to a LOT of my kids.  Not that my kids’ parents don’t adore their kids and do everything they can for them; it’s just the amount of time I spend with these kids every single day. I can stand up…

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Feb 22 2012

ghost town

I have Curriculum Development today at what was formerly the “black school” in my district. My school district was desegregated in 1968, and since then the building has not changed significantly. Every time I’m there, I get an eerie feeling, the same feeling I get when I’m visiting a ghost town. This building and its…

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Feb 09 2012


TFA has a few essential qualities that they look for in prospective CMs, and I memorized them when I was interviewing (yes, I did — see my “applying?” page for how ridiculously over-prepared I was for my interview).  I don’t remember them any more, but I think that TFA should definitely add resilience to its…

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Nov 28 2011

telling the truth

I’m going to echo all of the recent posts and say that Thanksgiving break was GLORIOUS.  It was so nice to be home in sunny California and see my family for the first time since the end of May.  Coming back was very difficult, though.  It’s amazing how in one week you can forget all…

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