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Dec 10 2012

hello again!

I’ve dropped off the planet. I’m sorry. This school year is going so remarkably well, and I make such a concentrated effort NOT to think about school outside of school, that I haven’t felt like blogging lately.

Yes, second year is better. I really like my job now. I adore my kids.

I’m looking at jobs for next year, and the process is kind of overwhelming. In a weird way, TFA has spoiled me. I find myself thinking things like “What? I have to write a resume? Won’t people just start calling me, begging me to work for them?”.

I’m looking at moving to Colorado next year. All right, that’s all the blogging I can do right now. Back to my embroidery.

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    "If one desires to 'stir up the world,' it is easy to be impatient with work for the sake of work. Yet no story's end can forsake its beginning and its middle." -Joshua Wolf Shank on Abraham Lincoln