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Aug 31 2012

I need them too.

My kids have SO much power over my life.  If I let them, they can totally ruin my day.  But the other side of it, the side that I’m starting to see this year, is that they can totally make my day too.  Sometimes I need them just as much as they need me.

I love my 7th graders.  They’re inconsistent and hard to predict, but they are unfailingly loyal.  Though they drive me crazy sometimes, they cheer me up when I really need it.  They can be really sweet, and nothing cheers me up like having my entire whiteboard covered in bright bubble letters that read “I luv yew Ms. S” or “________ loves you, Ms. S” or “_________ loves u more than any of these people”.

Teaching really does bring me joy.  Pasting on a happy face and greeting my students, even when I’d rather be in bed, does actually make me feel better.  Like this morning.

With Hurricane Isaac, we were supposed to have flooding that would probably prevent the buses from running on the country roads.  So I went to bed last night thinking I probably wouldn’t have school today.  I’ve had a difficult week emotionally, and I didn’t want to suit up and go to work today.  When my alarm went off this morning, I sat up in bed, bleary-eyed, and thought through what my day would look like.  Since the district automated message hadn’t called me, it looked like I would be going to school.  I was in a lousy mood, and I actually thought to myself “I need my kids today.”  So in a weird way, I was glad to go to school because my kids would (and did) cheer me up and help me get some perspective on my life.

I love them.

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