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Aug 19 2012

the eve of year 2

I thought about doing a “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” parody, but that’s too much effort.  I’ve spent this weekend frantically getting ready for school to start, and thankfully, I’ve been completely numb.  Last year, I was in a flat panic.  I think I’m just extremely focused on tomorrow.

I really think this year is going to be better — I can already tell that I have a much healthier attitude going into it.  For one thing, I know that tomorrow is a big deal, but, contrary to what I thought last year, the first day of school isn’t the end-all be-all for teachers.  There will be many many many more days to make up for any mistakes I’ll make.  Also, I’m a lot more “chill” in general about this year.  Maybe I’m still exhausted and worn out, but I know that school will happen and I’ll teach and life will go on.

I’m so excited to be here, though.  I really missed Arkansas over the summer, and I never thought I would.  I’m proud that I’m doing something meaningful with my life and actually, as cliche as it sounds, making a difference in the world.  I just spent the last half hour looking up icebreaker games, and some of them sound really fun!  I hope to have a much more relaxed, but stricter classroom this year.

Also, for some reason, all I can think about is what I’m going to do next year.

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