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Aug 07 2011

okay, now’s the time for advice.

If you could go back to a week before your first year of teaching, what would you be doing during that last week? What’s the baseline of stuff I should have done before school starts?

3 Responses

  1. 1. Sleep
    2. Think about that Big Goal. A lot. Get it down and really commit to it. Make a Big Goal that you really believe in.
    3. Get to know your staff – secretaries, janitors, office aids… they will make your first week a lot easier!

  2. FormerCM

    Sleep. Start figuring out a schedule that will work for you (ie, what times of the week you are going to plan, work on classroom, grade, etc.) and stick to that plan. This may seem silly but when October comes (a roadblock for many!) you will be thankful. I lost many hours planning and grading every night until I learned to set aside a weekly time to get everything done at once!

  3. Erin

    I agree with Danielle’s #2. Make ONE major goal that you think you can succeed at. It can include smaller goals within the big goal. But don’t overwhelm yourself and expect too much of yourself! Then, do your best to achieve that goal!

    And yes. Sleep! Get as much sleep as you can without neglecting your work.

    Take a little time to do something for yourself, whether it’s pampering, exercising, eating something you like (Sonic?), watching a favorite movie, or writing a letter (hehe, I’m not biased, am I?). Don’t neglect yourself in the midst of this crazy new beginning!

    Love you!

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