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Jul 06 2011

student surveys

In an effort to post more during the week, I’ll post some of my students’ responses to the “classroom culture survey” that the powers that be had us give our kids this week.

What has your teacher done to help you know how to behave?

take me outside so I can calm down

by giving us tickets so we can buy things on Friday

help you out what you need help with

go to the back table

told me a lot to behave

talked to me

she gave me a journal for me to write in instead of misbehavingly walking out.

start giving us little pro point so we can behave

gave me the rules

tell me to be quiet

What more should your teacher do?

just let me calm down

just play a little more games

nothing she just right

help us

have fun in class ever day

give me money

be more strict holler a little bit and maybe they’ll start doing what she says (all teachers)

let us do fun games and stuff

I do not know maybe see how I am then go by what they hear about me

learn more

How do you know whether or not this teacher truly cares about you?

because she shows it each in every day by getting up in the morning in come teach me and she alway say try your best

because they wouldn’t be here if they didn’t

they help me if I need it

yes because she is nice to me

I just love these kids so much.  And I have to be up in 3 1/2 hours, so I’m going to retire for the evening.

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  1. Erin

    “give me money”

    Haha. Don’t pay your students, Elsa! =) Keep enjoying your students!

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