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Jul 04 2011

weekends at Institute

We all re-charge in different ways, I guess, and that’s never been as evident to me as it has been at Institute.  I’m always shocked at just how useless I’ve been on the weekends here, at least for the first 24 hours.  I guess the weeks are so intense that the best I can do on Friday nights/ Saturday mornings is watch movies.  Some people re-charge by going out, but my anti-social tendencies really kick in when I’m tired, as they have on weekends here.

Today is the 4th of July!  I’m having brunch with my awesome CMA group, and lesson-planning for the rest of the day to get ahead.  There might be a viewing of National Treasure in there somewhere – watching it makes me feel all patriotic and nerdy.

Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to Institute being over so that I can feel like a human being again.  Like I’ve said, I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far.  But it’s not the type of “enjoyment” that you want to sustain any longer than 5 or 6 weeks.  I am a morning person, but I’m looking forward to getting up later than 4.  I’m looking forward to eating my own food, to living in a house.

I’m looking forward to reading a BOOK again.  It’s been weeks since I’ve sat down and read a book, and I’m going through withdrawals.  I want to read some good old-fashioned beautiful prose.  I have this craving to read Bleak House – maybe I’ll have to order it off amazon, because there’s no book stores around here!  I think I’ll start a book this week and read it in little bits before I go to bed – maybe that’ll make me feel more normal.

I have today, and then four days of school until another weekend!  The few of us that’re placed where I’m placed (a little town in Arkansas) are going to visit and look at houses on Saturday, which will be awesome.  It’s crazy that in 2 weeks I’m moving somewhere that I’ve never even seen before.

Then, next week, we have 3 more days of lessons, the assessment on Thursday, and then party day on Friday!  After that, Institute is over, and we have two days of Orientation, which I’m not looking forward to.  Should be pretty painless, though.

BUT before I get ahead of myself, I still have 2 weeks here, and I need to BE HERE for those 2 weeks and keep learning as much as I can.

Wherever you are, be all there.  Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.

-Jim Eliot

In other news, Sonic is becoming a serious addiction for me.  I’m only letting myself go on weekends, but I think I’ve been twice this weekend already.  I’ve never been a fast food person AT ALL, but Sonic to me is in a separate category.  It’s mainly the drinks.  My excuse is that as a person who doesn’t drink alcohol, it’s nice to have sweet, fruity, fizzy, creative drinks every once in awhile, and Sonic is the place to go.  They also have mozzarella sticks, which I’ve found myself craving more than I care to admit.  There is a Sonic in my town, and I’ll need to make sure I don’t get completely addicted, because my figure and my wallet can’t afford it.

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  1. jlange

    Howdy from a fellow anti-social hall-mate! Hope the lesson planning goes well. Best of luck! ^_^

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