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Jul 02 2011

Friday: update day, apparently!

Holy smokes what a week!  It just FLEW by, and before I knew it, it was Friday again.

Let me just say, it was incredible.  I love being a teacher.  I’ve learned so much this week.  I adore my kids.  They’re “spirited”, to put it lightly, but I love them.  They’re just so funny, and they have so much potential.  I can’t wait to see them every day, but they still intimidate me more than a little bit.

This week was difficult; classroom management is hard and teaching is hard, and doing both at once is, well, hard.  I’m learning very quickly to be way meaner than I think I should be.  Like today, I really cracked down on the consequences, and my students probably hated it but I know they respected me for it.

This chain of consequences thing we have to do is pretty silly and full of flaws. I see the reasoning behind it, but still, it’s not working very well.  I’m kind of being “creative” with my consequences, and I’m still proving to my class that when I give a consequence, it’s actually a punishment.  With 8th graders, apparently you have to prove it to them.

It’s hard, but it’s unbelievably fulfilling.  I’ve had some really rough days, but I’ve always wanted to go back the next day.

I won’t miss waking up at 4 every morning, but Institute hasn’t been a negative experience so far.  I just want to put that out there: Institute has been an enjoyable experience.  A different meaning of “enjoyable”, but still enjoyable.  I like the people I work for and the people I work with, so even when I’m completely sleep-deprived, I’m not unhappy.

I still absolutely love the South.  I’ve been having grits for breakfast every morning, and I’m starting to really like them.  Also, Sonic.

As you can probably tell, I’m not coherent quite yet, but I’ll get there this weekend.  I already said that Fridays were better than Christmas, and 3-day weekends are just as wonderful.

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  1. Katie

    It was so nice to talk to you today! Glad you’re enjoying it. I’d love to see you being “mean” in the classroom. I hate it when I have to be the “mean teacher!”

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