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Jun 13 2011

acronym overload

TFA is good at scheduling looooong days.  But, all things considered, I think I held up pretty well.  Want to hear about my day?  Sure you do.

I always enjoy reading about “a day in the life” – I think it’s the most telling.  So here’s mine, for today.  It’ll be different every day, and soon I’ll have a grip on what a “normal” day will look like, but this’s what I’ve got for now.

4:30 am wake up. take a couple seconds to remember where I am and why I’m in a dorm room. check email and catch up on the world, Bible/prayer, choose a “teacher outfit” to wear, and triple-check my bags.

5:25 am walk towards the dining hall in the grey pre-dawn, with birds chirping and nervous young adults in professional dress in procession.

5:30 am join the end of the line for breakfast. it is long. I didn’t think to put on bug repellent.

5:35 am stand in line…it’s really humid. so much for trying to wear my hair down.

5:40 am join the madness in the dining hall; grab 2 turkey sausages and a biscuit. scarf sausages and wrap biscuit in napkin.

5:45 am nibble on biscuit while standing in the lunch line. pack lunch.

5:55 am find the right bus and get on. thank my lucky stars that I had decided to bring my ipod. the bus ride, while long, is beautiful. think lots of fields and trees, with morning mist and the rising sun to complete the picture.

7:05 am arrive at school site!  warm welcome and awesome introduction from the principal, then hours and hours of sessions.  some were more useful than others, but for the most part they were pretty applicable. we’re starting to talk about how to plan lessons and set “big goals”. met my CMA group and had a “working lunch” with them. more  sessions.

2:35 ish my very first tornado warning! the day went from sunny to a thunderstorm and windy windy windy. principal all had us sit along the walls in the hallway for about 15 minutes. then we went back to our session.  kind of anticlimactic, but still cool.

5:30 pm arrive back at Delta State, dump laptop bag and lunchbox on bed, walk over to mailroom. mailroom is closed.

6:00 pm dinner! spaghetti, red-skin potatoes, salad, and peaches. yup.

7:10 pm file into auditorium for the Welcome Ceremony, which nobody I had talked to wanted to go to. surprisingly painless and not cheesy at all. go to mailroom and – success! – it’s open this time!

8:45 pm back to dorm room; pack snacks for tomorrow, pick out “teacher outfit”, try to figure out what’s due tomorrow, and waste time on facebook. shower.

10:57 pm write a blog about my day!

They’re hopefully going to open the dining hall earlier tomorrow morning so that those of us with the earlier buses can actually eat breakfast, so this means I’m waking up at 4 am, in 5 hours. Cool.

My goal for Institute is to get at least 5 hours of sleep a night, with a goal of 6.  I can function pretty well on 6 hours of sleep, I think.  Five is doable but not sustainable, so I’ll have to be careful.

I’m feeling more optimistic today.  I really like the school that I’ll be working at, the people I’m working for and the people I’m working with.  I’ll be teaching 7th or 8th grade math, which awesomely relates to what I’ll possibly be teaching this fall!

As long as I stay on top of things, I don’t anticipate Institute being the monstrosity that most people have told me it is.  Even if I’m a little bit sleep-deprived, I’m in a good work situation and I think I’ll do well.  I definitely have to manage my time better, and I definitely have to spend less time on facebook!

As I said, the Welcome Ceremony was actually inspiring.  Beforehand there was an unofficial cheer-off between all of the corps that are here, and I’m happy to say that the Delta won, even if it was a result of sheer numbers more than anything else.  I like our cheers, but they kind of give me the heebie-jeebies.

Part of me still can’t believe that this is real, and this is Institute.  I got so overwhelmed with acronyms that I started my own list of them.  I’ll probably post it later so that y’all can understand what I’m talking about.

Did you notice that? My first “y’all” !

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  1. Katie

    Yay! So excited for you! I’d love to be in your class! :)

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