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Feb 08 2011


Well, I officially passed the Praxis II, aka Math Death Test!!  Granted, my score was about 68%, but it counts in Mississippi!  Good enough for me!! I had been saving my gigantic stack of flashcards I made in preparation for the test, and it was SO nice to be able to throw those away! I had this momentary thought of “Thank GOD I don’t have to study math anymore!”, and then I stopped myself and remembered that I’ll be studying math for the next two years. Still wrapping my mind around that.

Now that I’ve passed all the tests I need to pass, my last semester of college is seeming more and more irrelevant.  I don’t really care about semantics and luddites anymore, and it’s hard for me to stay focused on term papers and reading and spend HOURS sitting in class when I feel that my time could be much better spent.  But I really need to just suck it up and be glad that I’m almost done!

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  1. Wess

    Haha! My last semester totally unraveled after I was accepted. It’s SO hard to care about the here and now when you’re obsessed with what’s happening from June on!

    • elsa

      I’m starting to understand that!! This semester I’m living by the “B’s get degrees!” maxim!!!

  2. Miss Baldwin

    ah I hear ya! After November 9th I had NO motivation! Thank God this semester is pretty smooth sailing with student teaching — not that it is easy, but I enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Congratulations on the Praxis!

    That “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling is super powerful; I have so been there.

  4. I think this is very important. Thanks a lot.

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